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  • I find all your answers to our questions quite simple to understand, elaborate and beneficial. The answers help me a lot to understand Islam and its teachings. May Allah SWT reward you abundantly with Jannatul Firdausi.

    Gambo Ibrahim Ahmad - Kaduna, Nigeria

  • Jazakallah Brother for all your efforts, research for authentic, verified information provided by you. You have helped us to clear all of our doubts with authentic hadeeth, Quran ayaat & views of learned men. Your answers helped us & guide others from practicing false traditions. We can always rely on your answers & views, & use it to prove the facts. Masha Allah. Keep up your efforts & May Allah swt always guide you & give you rewards in both worlds.

    Shoeb Memon - Sharjah, UAE

  • As salam aleykoum wa rahmatoul'Lahi wa barakatouh! Alhamdoulil'Lah the answer I received from my question was decorticated and deciphered out extensively, I enjoyed the reading and the fashion in which the research was given out. I was also helped with a path to the Arabic language acquisition; may Allah bless them, bless us all and Increase us in knowledge.

    Abu Ihriss - Stafford, Texas, USA

  • This is a superb site! Its contributions to the Haqq deserves recognition.

    Amirul Afiq - Perak, Malaysia

  • Assalaamu 'alay kum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhuh. As an avid reader and researcher, I came across this site while seeking information on an issue. Alhamdulillah, this site has an abundance of well-researched authentic information. What impressed and amazed me the most is the way questions are researched and responded to - i.e., a short response for those who just want the verdict and a long response for those who are researchers or students of knowledge. May Allah continue to bless the team and increase them in knowledge and reward them with good.

    Fazal Ibrahim - Orlando, Florida, USA

  • Your website and work has helped me and my friends a lot in answering questions where we have always had doubts or no knowledge at all. May Allah SWT bless you and us.

    Aziz Ebrahim - Nairobi, Kenya

  • Jazak Allah Khair for the students of knowledge digest of Questions & Answers. Alhamdulillah the topical nature of the questions asked and the practical answers given with references is both a very useful and interesting read. The short and long answer sections idea is Alhamdulillah ingenious as it serves the wider demographic. May Allah bless you for your effort and work in his cause.- Ameen.

    Imran Merchant - Irving, Texas, USA

  • Assalamu alaikum. ‘Students of Knowledge’ is the platform where we all the daily Islamic doubts of any nature no matter how minor it is are resolved. I seriously doubt if there are any other website similar to this especially in the in-depth analysis of each of the queries which are backed by authentic Hadiths & Fatwas. I appreciate the dedication of time & effort in addressing almost 400 queries. May Allah reward his efforts and good deeds. Hope to see ‘students of knowledge’s’ YouTube channel soon.

    Ramzan - London, United Kingdom

  • Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh. Your answers, both short and long, in detail keeping all fiqh in mind is really AMAZING. I learnt a lot from the answers of some unknown and some known things which we follow from our ancestors without really knowing the reason. Some of your questions and answers I asked my kids to read also. May Almighty Allah s.w.a. bless you and your family and give strength and means to keep the organization alive. JazakAllah Khair

    Imtiyaz - Houston, Texas, USA

  • As Salaamu Alaikum Alhamdullilah this web site has very clearly answered many questions and given absolute clear explanations in matters of Deen. May Allah reward you for the wonderful dawah and continue to help the ummah. Ameen

    Fathima - Johannesburg, South Africa


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